Renewable Energy

Safe Working Practice is proud to say that we are/ were involved with various renewable energy projects throughout South Africa. We are proud to say that we developed systems to close the gap between international companies and local legislation.

We have been involved in solar farms, wind farms and methane gas plants.
Our involvement on these sites was one of the following:
Representing the Principal Contractor: Safe Working Practice acted as  the Principal Contractor’s Occupational Health and Safety manager/ officer and performed the following duties while on site:

1. Daily Site Inspections to check compliance on construction site and Compilation of daily site report
2. Develop, assess and review method statements for high risk activities
3. Develop and Implement management systems in order to comply with all statutory and organisational requirements.
4. Daily Site Meetings to assess progress on sub-contractors and advise of safety risks
5. Daily Inductions of subcontractor employees as well as contractor employees
6. Daily inspection of site vehicle.
7. Completing of weekly registers as required by legislation.
8. Drafting the agenda of the HSSE Committee meeting
9. Chairing the weekly HSSE Committee meeting
10. Compiles, analyses, and interprets statistical data related to exposure factors concerning occupational illnesses and accidents and prepares report for information of personnel concerned
11. Compiling of Monthly reports in connection with HSSE
12. Participating in the monthly progress meeting and charring the HSSE Section
13. Performs any other duties that reasonably pertain to this position or which may be instructed from time to time
14. Liaise with the Environmental Control Officer on site issues and compliance to the Environmental Authorisation and Environmental Management Programme and Plan
15. Liaise with the security contractor in terms of their scope of works, implementation, supervision and co-operation and deal with the security risk
16. Deal with HSSE related issues and provide guidance on implementations that should be taken
17. Assist in ensuring that unsafe acts and practices are prevented and if they occurred are closed out and not repeated
18. Teach, train and assist staff on matters related to safety in their environment
19. Assist the lead investigator when incidents or accidents occur onsite
20. Performs all issue based risk assessments, implementation of this as well as the training in terms of high risk activities or situation identified within the assessment
21. Supervision of the aforementioned duties on subcontractors.

Safe Working Practice also acted as Client Safety Agent on some of these sites, where we performed the following duties while on site:

1. Compile power point site specific inductions for all contractors and visitors
2. Review, amend and approve Risk Assessments  and Method Statements
3. Revise and Review Policies and Procedures of the Principal Contractor
4. Approve and updating safety plans and procedures for H&S Management Plan, Traffic Management Plan, Working at Heights Management Plan, Working at Heights Rescue Plan, Emergency Response & Evacuation Plans, Incident Investigation management plans,
5. Develop and Implement management systems in order to comply with all statutory and organizational requirements as well as the Specification (Client).
6. Compiling of Weekly Safety Alert reports in connection with HSSE
7. Assist with Security matters at exit and entrance of the site
8. Compiling safety approval documents of sub- contractors
9. Compiling Hot/Cold commissioning procedures
10. Auditing of the Principal Contractor Safety Management System (Administration All Inclusive)
11. Advise the client on updates in respect of the changes to Legislation pertaining to H&S
12. Develop and assist with the completion of the DSTI for operational matters
13. Manage incident, accident and near miss investigations
14. Manage and maintain incident, accident and near miss reporting documents
15. Circulate power point presentation for “Lessons Learned”  after completion of incident, accident and near misses investigations
16. Manage the monthly “Be safe campaign”
17. Manage the improvement of contraventions found by conduct daily site inspections
18. Compile site safety action plans
19. Implement and maintain ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 standards
20. Attend weekly clients safety meeting or telephone meetings
21. Compile and report back to the client on daily work layout plan
22. Conduct safety drills for emergency preparedness
23. Attend and chair weekly site safety meetings
24. Attend monthly site progress meetings
25. Develop Toolbox talks and Action of a operations with regard to relevant findings

After completion of the site we act as client’s Occupational Health and Safety Agent to ensure legal compliance of the Client and auditing of maintenance teams.

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