Safety Management System and Premises Audits

Safe Working Practice will conduct an initial audit on manufacturing facilities regarding the building, the offices, the actual production plants including machine set up, the stacking and storage of raw materials and finished products, the receiving and dispatch areas, etc. SWP will then compile a report with findings and recommendations for actioning by management.

SWP will compile a Safety Management System including Risk Assessments, Safe Work Procedures, Legal Appointments, Toolbox Talks, Registers, etc. for all plant and processes. SWP will also evaluate or initiate emergency and rescue plans for facilities and plant. We will assist management in appointing safety representatives and setting up safety committees. SWP will chair safety meetings if required.

SWP will do monthly follow up audits to evaluate progress and assist management if required. Assist with staff training regarding health and safety.

Client Agent Function

Acting as Client agent on behalf of management controlling any upgrading of machines or building requirements according to Construction Regulations Section 4.

Agricultural Industry

Our current client base is spread across the industry. In the Western Cape we assisted wine farms with compliance, one of their biggest hazards is working in confined spaces when employees clean the fermentation tanks. The fumes are odourless, but deadly. On one of the wine farms SWP audited, we gave a report to the farmer for actioning, and helped them to form the H&S committee, supplied them with a safety management system and assisted with the implementation.

SWP’s clients include dairy farms, mushroom farms, cheese factories, cattle farms, crop forms, etc.

Automotive Industry

Most of the garages have an office section and a workshop. Audits in the workshop are always interesting, because no one seems to know that the operator of the hydraulic lifts falls under the section of “Lifting Equipment” in the act, and that person needs to have a training certificate. SWP assists in becoming legally compliant.

SWP is also assisting a panel beating franchise with their OHS on a national basis.