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The i-Manage Safety System

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i-Manage Safety is a cloud based electronic Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Management System, accessible from anywhere in the world.
The system can be accessed from any device (Cellphone, Tablet, Laptop, etc.) and allows you to drill down from Head Office to Branch Level and view your company’s level of compliance on a single Dashboard, in real time.
All improvements that are required throughout the company can be viewed on the Dashboard and actioned immediately. Items that require attention are flagged on the system and sent to the relevant people via email, by the nagging system. Users can only see what they are granted access to, as the system is Username and Password controlled and has a very strict security system, which is controlled by the System Administrator.
The system allows you to assign various actions to employees, such as electronic registers that need to be completed, meeting minutes for safety committees that have follow up dates, etc.
Accurate, Customisable, Real-time Management reports are created by the system with live relevant data, to show you exactly what is going on in your company at any moment in time.

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Effective electronic capturing of data – Which dynamically produces real-time reporting. The system is designed to capture data in real-time using the dynamic electronic registers and audit capabilities.  Preset registers and audit formats are available or can be created to suit the user.

Real-time management – View your level of compliance and items that require attention on a customised Dashboard.

Security – Username and password controlled. Users can only see what they have been granted access to by the administrator.

Accurate management reports – Customisable data to  relevant  real-time reporting.

Drill down from head office to branch level – View and manage all your branches from a single point.

See improvements required on a single page – Can be actioned immediately.

Pre-developed documents – Standard statutory documentation is available to assist the organisation to meet all levels of compliance.

Maintain one set of documents – Any changes to your master document set are available at all your branches.

Internal Memo – Internal company communication via Dashboard or internal memo. Monitors whether read.

Actions Required – Create an action against any item that needs attention and assign to the relevant person for actioning. All actions are recorded.

Nagging system – System sends reminder emails on items that needs attention

Electronic registers – Complete registers in real-time and log an action against any deviations for follow-up

Safety Committees – Create minutes for meeting from i-Manage Safety system. Assign actions for members to resolve with follow-up dates

Performance Appraisals –  Use reports from i-Manage Safety during performance appraisals

Expert input – Accounts executive is assigned to each account. External audits can be conducted to assure compliance