Did you know that there are 5 referees involved in a game? Only one can be seen on the field, two are line referees, a reserve referee stands ready should the one on the field get injured, and finally there is the television/match referee.

Whether you love them or hate them, is an open question. Spectators sometimes feel that the referees are blind for not seeing the forward pass or the illegal scrummaging by the opposition prop. Spectators sometimes feel that referees need an extra lesson or two on the rules of the game. Truth is, that without them, the rules will not be implemented and the game will end in chaos or a fist fight. If you play according to the rules, you do not have to fear the whistle of the referee. The rules must ensure the safety of the players.

In our work environment, Department of Employment and Labour are the referees that must ensure that Health and Safety legislation is implemented. Once implemented, you don’t have to fear the DEL. If not, they can give you a contravention notice or fine.

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