When compiling your game plan, it’s important to consider statistics. If the opposing fly-half kicks the ball 45 metres on average, you’ll have the wings and fullback deeper than normal. If not, the fly-half will kick the ball overhead and you’ll have to turn around constantly. If statistics are allowed to change one’s tactics, the threat can be prevented.

Statistics influence the rules of rugby. Nowadays, we see referees send players off the field with a red card whenever there’s a tackle above the shoulders to the head. A few years ago, this was not a major issue, but statistics showed that these injuries are severe and can end a player’s career prematurely, as we have seen with Pat Lambie.

We’ve seen the changes in scrum rules to protect the props and hooker from neck injuries because of collapsing scrums. By studying the statistics and trends, they could change the rules to lower the chances of injury.

The question is, when last did you analyse statistics regarding injuries in your business? Do you have statistics available on near misses that could cause harm to your employees? Safe Working Practice’s incident investigation module will allow you to access these statistics in real-time.

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